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Kielce's Visual Information System

Wayfinding Design, Print Design, Web Design, Web Development, Illustration, Branding

Urban Wayfinding System

Comprehensive solution for visitors and townsfolk. Except the most important objective which is helping in finding the way, project target is to reveal touristic potential of the city and encourage users to see interesting and forgotten places.

Kielce's Visual Information System - Logo Design

Information carriers

To understand how does the System work it's recommended to familiarize with its components. The most important of them are double-sided vertical boards, which are carriers for a variety of wayfinding tips and graphical information. Mentioned information and tips are presented among others in the form of clear maps covering the area closest to the viewer as well as the main city thoroughfares and exit roads.

Kielce's Visual Information System - Wayfinding Information Carrier Design


Maps are oriented in such a way as to always indicate the compass direction which the user is facing. Key elements of graphics systems (maps, along with the legend) are placed at a height that allows adults, children, and persons moving in a wheelchair to easily read their content.

Kielce's Visual Information System - Wayfinding Information Carrier Design


Map of the center of Kielce, constituting the core of the project has been developed on the basis of the materials available on the internet (such as OpenStreetMap), as well as the observations of the urban environment in the area. The map elements, which are not commonly found in other solutions and those worth mentioning are:

  • The designation "You are here", and a circle whose circumference shows the area to which you will reach within 5 minutes walk
  • Simplified compass rose
  • Pedestrian areas, sidewalks, squares
  • Trees and larger shrubs
  • Fences and walls
  • Green areas, rivers and reservoirs
  • Footprints and numbers of buildings
  • Grounds of conditional access for pedestrians and wheeled vehicles
  • Underpasses
  • Roadways and sidewalks of three widths
  • Points of interest
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • One-way roads markings
Kielce's Visual Information System - Wayfinding Map Design

3D buildings

Kielce's important buildings and landmarks are shown on the map in an isometric view.

Kielce's Visual Information System - Wayfinding Map Design


Graphic symbols were designed in such a way as to be consistent with the texts occuring right next to them. Twenty four pictograms were designed for the System.

Kielce's Visual Information System - Pictograms and Icons Design

Information catalog

For the successful promotion of the project also an information catalog was created. Click here to see it as PDF (6 MB).

Kielce's Visual Information System - Catalog Design


The most important information and materials related to the system were placed on a specially prepared website, currently available here (PL).

Kielce's Visual Information System - Website Design


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