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Here you can find information about the company, its management and overall approach.

Who we are

SALMON.studio is an international design, technology and art direction company, based in the centre of Europe (Poland). Born in 2017 from passion for visual arts. With over 7 years of professional experience in the creative industry we work with a global client list within areas of culture and commerce.


We are always happy to collaborate with designers, illustrators, web developers, photographers, marketing specialists and copywriters. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Patryk Wierzbicki

Patryk WierzbickiPolish SpeakerEnglish Speaker

Creative Director
and Designer

How do we work

  • 1 We provide simple solutions
  • Simplicity in our design cuts out all the noise and distractions that takes the viewer away from the primary function of the product or service.

  • 2 We are transparent
  • Transparency means that we are an open book for you. We share our thoughts and ways of working, so you know who we are and how do we work.

  • 3 We are an international company
  • The location doesn’t matter. As we work with a global client list within areas of culture and commerce, we are able to adapt to any audience.

  • 4 We collaborate with other experts
  • Even though our offer covers a good deal of visual art fields, we eagerly collaborate with other experts in order to achieve the proper result for our clients.

  • 5 We constantly update clients on their projects
  • By constant update we refer to our tracking system, which allows a client to check out a project status anytime from anywhere.

  • 6 We bill per project or by the hour
  • When it comes to billing, we efficiently operate within client's budget.

Would you like to see our work?

If yes, you can click here toVisit our Portfolio page!

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Let’s get in touch!

Please feel free to write us, request a proposal, or just say "Hi" in the contact form below. We will contact you back shortly.

Contact details:

SALMON.studio is an international company registered in Poland.

Mail Iconhello@salmon.studio
Phone Icon+48 697 484 072